The Filmmaker

Stan Minasian Stan Minasian founded EarthVIews Productions nearly two decades ago as the film production unit of the non-profit Animal Fund, which he founded in 1972. His films on animal and nature issues have been broadcast on Discovery Channel, Turner … Continue reading


Alan Hewitt Alan Hewitt was deemed “one of music’s best kept secrets” by People Magazine. He is a multi-patinum pianist, vibist, and recording artist and a writer, producer and musician. A longtime environmentalist and animal-lover, Alan has contributed his entire … Continue reading

About the Film

TEN LIVES originally began as 9-Lives, a nine-part series of educational films on the humane management of feral cats produced by EarthVIews Productions for the San Francisco SPCA. As this series was distributed to animal shelters across the U.S., little … Continue reading

EarthViews Productions

Since 1988, EarthViews Productions, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, has been dedicated to producing high-quality television productions, campaign videos, home videos, and more, on issues that affect animals, both wild and domestic, and nature. Our productions are geared solely toward public … Continue reading